•SA & SALA  teams and In-Country Representatives (I-CR’s) are all passionate professionals of the aerospace industry.
•We are all pilots and/or aerospace engineers who are dedicated to rigor and safety.
•We embrace new technologies, latest developments for the benefits of our customers.
•Aircraft, ATM, operations, technology are our credo.
•One example of uniqueness: Not only SALA is helping develop the STC culture in Latin America but also brings the rigor, flexibility and time control features of  EASA  part 21 DOA/POA.

Other I-CR's to be
announced here soon

•SALA is solving a key problem in aviation in Latin America (LATAM): Cost and Time to perform any aircraft modifications in the region.
•In LATAM, in order for an operator to modify an aircraft structure, a cabin interior or modernize equipment, the modification must be authorized by the local Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) where the aircraft is registered.

•Majority of LATAM airlines will call upon the aircraft manufacturer (Airbus, Boeing, Embraer, etc.) to perform this modification. Since modifying aircraft is not the core business of these manufacturers, any modification can be very costly and time consuming.
•SALA, leveraging major represented ODA/DOA's (AEROTEC, Sii Group and GDC Technics) expertise, offers LATAM operators the opportunity to complete their modifications (including design, engineering, kit installation and certification) without the recourse of the aircraft manufacturer while providing the same level of quality/recognition by the local CAA's and for a fraction of the cost and the time.

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•CNS/ATM requirements and regulations know how based on ICAO, SESAR and NEXTGEN latest developments.

•Double EASA and FAA certification.
•Most adapted architectures to ensure best compliance on the long run.
•Finest avionics and interior engineering development with original solutions to minimize upfront and lifecycle costs.
•Program management and SMS expertise.
•Kits and parts at very competitive prices and very short delivery time.
•Engines and APU very competitive lease, buy-back and delivery times during AOG situations.





•Studio Aerospace LLC was created based on demands from European companies to conduct business in the US.
•Latin American market being the second growing aeronautical market worldwide, Studio Aerospace opened a branch in Santiago, Chile.

•The main motivation was the desire to bring the EASA DOA certification model in Latin America to better control retrofit timing and costs. We also now offer FAA ODA.
•The raison d’etre of SA/SALA is to propose new, competitive and high quality services/products alternatives to our customers.