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1994 - First European Airline with SATCOM telephony.

Program successfully initiated and  led  by C Hamel

2015 - Officials visit on USS G. Washington air carrier during Unitas Pacific exercises hosted by Chile

2001 - After a C101 flight - Mario Avila as Comander

of the Chilean Air Force 1st Brigade in Iquique  

Christophe Hamel -  President.


•Air Force:

   •Number 2 of Fuerza Aera Chilena (FACH).

   •Director of FACH Pilot Cadet School.

   •Defense system strategy & management staff instructor.
•Civil Aviation:

   •Regulatory Agency: Director General DGAC Chile.

   •Director of a major Chilean FBO.
   •National & international government-industry exposure.
•Master in Politics.
•Flight: Chilean military and civil helicopter & fixed wing highly experienced pilot.

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•Aerospace Engineer

•Project Manager at EUROCONTROL, BARCO and IBM.

•Manages SA and SALA operations together with our partners:

   •In Finance: Meridiem Consulting,

   •In accounting and taxes: ASAD Consulting in Chile and Olson CPA in the US.
•Manages SA & SALA Public Relations notably with the Chambers of Commerce Franco Chilean, North Americano-Chilean, Canadian-Chilean.

2001 - Santiago International Airport Terminal

inauguration with President Lagos

Mario Avila as Director of DGAC Chile

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Florence Valle - COO

General Mario Eduardo Avila - Business Development Director

•Studio Aerospace LLC (SA) is based in Virginia US. It helps international companies conduct business in the US.
•SA has also a branch, Studio Aerospace Latin America SpA (SALA) in Chile to help international companies to conduct business in Latin America.
•Between SA and SALA and our In-Country Representations (I-CR’s), our cumulated aeronautic experience exceeds 90 years.

1966 - First air show attendance - Santiago (Chile)

Birth of a vocation? C. Hamel arms crossed

•Civil Aviation:

   •Airlines Retrofit, Program Management Fleet Management, Avionics R&D.

   •Industry Standard developments: AEEC, ARINC, RTCA, EURCOAE etc.
   •Avionics OEM’s: Communication product Business Development, R&D, CNS/ATM development with CAA’s.
   •Regulatory Agencies: EUROCONTROL, FAA certification, DFO and NextGen-SESAR coordination leader.
•Flight: FAA Private Pilot.