Thanks to their multi-faceted knowledge of Aerospace industry, SA & SALA offer a distinct approach to market.
In addition our network of In-Country Representatives (I-CR) provides our clients with serious competitive advantages

SA: Having actively contributed to the development of NEXTGEN and SESAR and subsequent standards and regulations, SA has a lot of background with FAA, EC, SESAR, EASA, ICAO and the standardization bodies such as RTCA, EUROCAE, ARINC etc.
SALA: Unlike other companies addressing the Latin American market “from Miami”, SALA is developing a network of In-Country Representatives (I-CR) that already have not only their own network with a deep knowledge of national civil and military markets, but also an excellent understanding of the local culture, the required administrative/contractual processes and their impacts on business.
•We trust this helps drastically not only SALA’s ability to identify opportunities, but also maximizes significantly the odds to win the pursuits toward successful implementations.

•Personnel including I-CR's have a deep knowledge on Avionics, operations, regulations, certification etc. and this allows to characterize the demand very quickly and efficiently together with the clients.
•A selective portfolio of represented companies with high end products and extremely good credentials to provide not only reasonable upfront costs but also the best reliability and maintenance services during the life cycle of the product or service.

•SA & SALA and I-CR's multi-faceted knowledge of the Aeronautical market in US, EU and Latin America, helps customers better understand what they need and accelerate their selection process.
•Thanks to the portfolio of products and services offered, SA & SALA has multiple contacts inside each operator’s organization facilitating requirement definition and identification of key decision makers for each type of project.

•Market and Industry issues approach: global / local, strategic, technical, commercial, operational and economic (CBA).
•Develop strategies, architectures, consortium of expertise to develop/support  the best value propositions.
•Set a network of local representatives (PART 21 or Part 145) to ensure proximity, consistent contact and follow up.
•Dig for the exact customers’ needs helping to dimension the project, providing hints on feasibility, forging trust early on.
•Connector between different specialties to facilitate the success of all projects.
•Coordinate with relevant suppliers to provide/support ROM/Proposals/CBA in due time.
•Lobby the customer, following the selection process from inside, addressing questions with optimum TAT.
•Real-time feedback to represented companies.
•High level governmental and private connections.
•Get local accreditations and/or provide legal representation as needed to enable represeted companies work locally.
•Interculturally proficient management:
   •Languages of interface (communication, public addressing etc.) : English, Spanish, Portuguese, French,
   •Country effective immersion including culture, fiscal and political systems etc.: EU, US, Latin America.


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