GDC Technics (USA): FAA PART 21 ODA  Avionics, connectivity, interiors engineering, design & certificatio ( )

•SII GROUP: (Germany, Netherlands, Canada) EASA and Air Canada PART 21 DOA Avionics, connectivity, interiors engineering, design & certification (

•AEROTEC Concept (France): EASA STC and EASA PART 21 DOA, avionics & interiors engineering/design, international certification and turnkey program management (

Studio Aerospace LLC (USA): equipment definition, CNS, ATM, local/international regulations, airport secirity.
LOGIX (France): engine/APU's lease(

DAO* (Denmark): maintenance, aircraft, parts & engines (TPE 331, Dornier 228) (


•With a selective process, Studio Aerospace and Studio Aerospace Latin America are seecting exceptional partners for representation in either US or Latin America.
•The representation portfolio enable SA/SALA to address a wide variety of issues in both the US and Latin American markets for the majority of customers whether civil or military.
•Please note that SA/SALA is system/products agnostic and will always aim at finding the most adapted solution even if that solution is outside of the current partners.



* Exclusive SALA representation for Latin America


•AEROTEC Concept (France): EASA PART 21 POA for Kit manufacturing (
CASCO (UK): Aircraft Parts (
Thompson Aerospace* (USA): IFE, Wi-Fi, Flight Tracking, AOC/APC Datalink (

GDC Technics (USA): FAA PART 145 and POA (
Universal (USA) (via EAD): avionics (displays, FMS, GPS, etc.) (
Electronic International Company Inc. (USA): engine parameters glass displays (
Archangel* (USA): AHRS avionics and sensors (
DAO* (Denmark): maintenance, aircraft, parts & engines (TPE 331, Dornier 228) (
LOGIX* (France): engines and parts (P&W, ATR, A 320 etc.) (
OCEANAIR (USA): specialized in refurbished avionics and aircraft parts (

Stevens Aviation (USA): For their Lear4ever (